A Shady Grove

Ryan Harrison is an artist and printmaker working in Portland, Oregon. He is currently attending Pacific Northwest College of Art. All art is original, unless stated otherwise.

First proof of my next etching. I am very excited to get to work on the aquatints! Enjoy!
Plate for my first etching at PNCA. Enjoy!
Plate for my first etching at PNCA. Enjoy!

An abstract drawing done for my basic drawing class. The first photo is a process shot, the bottom is the final piece. Charcoal on paper. Enjoy!

Drawing at Pearl Bakery this afternoon. Enjoy!

A all acrylic painting with India ink drawn on top. Enjoy!
Sketch I did in Powells today. The text is from a poster I saw there. Enjoy!
A sketch from my mind of some little apartments. Reminds me of San Francisco! Enjoy!
A sketch I did on the plane flying back to Portland. Enjoy!
A sketch of some old buildings, and some accompanying writing. Drawn in nob hill, in Albuquerque. Enjoy!